sábado, 22 de septiembre de 2012


evil: great; excellent. (Maldito - chevere - de la PM)
"Your car is really evil!"

eyepopper: something or someone visibly astounding.
"Wow, that girl is truly an eyepopper!"

: fabulous.
"estudiaingles.blogspot.com is really fab!"

face-off: confrontation.
"I think it's time we had a face-off."

fart [offensive]: to expel intestinal gas (Pedo -Pedar)
"It's embarrassing to fart on the first date."

flashback: sudden memory. (un recuerdo)
"In Little Tokyo I had a flashback to my days living in Japan."

flick: movie.
"Let's go out tonight and watch a flick."

fox: attractive, alluring person.
"Is it true that Brad Pitt is a fox?"

freebie: something that does not cost money. (gratis - gratel)
"My trip to New York was a freebie."

French kiss [possibly offensive]: kissing with the tongue. (Beso con lengua)
"Dave's dog is always trying to French kiss him!"

geek: someone who works too hard, is more intelligent than usual, and is slightly unattractive.
"Bill Gates is kind of a geek."

get it: to understand something.
"Sorry, but I just don't get it."

glitch: flaw. (una falla)
"There must be a glitch in this softwware."

go bananas: go slightly mad. (volverse loco)
"This project is causing me to go bananas!"

goof (1): a silly and foolish person. (tonto - tontin)
"What a goof you are!"

goof (2): make a mistake.
I really goofed on the test today."

: silly.
"Kids always make me feel goofy!"

grand: one thousand dollars.
"He's making over a hundred grand a year!"

grass: marijuana.
"Have you ever smoked grass?"

guts : courage. (coraje)
"It took a lot of guts to ask his boss for a raise."

hairy: difficult; dangerous.
"The steep and windy road was really hairy."

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